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Window-sill photos using the PD camera


Roger Samworth


Again suffering from insomnia in the early hours.

I don't have the determination to get dressed and go outside at 5AM - part of the reason for buying the tiny telescope!


Anyway, here are some quite nice pics with the tiny telescope and the PD camera from the window-sill through the double glazing.


Moon with progressive magnification. I particularly like the shadows over the Mare Crisium.

Another of M42.

I also "accidentally" imaged M78!


I am still agog with what the PD camera will do with a 76mm f/4 scope from inside!


If I go outside, I'll use a "proper" scope, of course!



m42c 11-10-14


m78c 11-10-14


moon1 11-10-14
moon2 11-10-14
moon3 11-10-14
moon5 11-10-14
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