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Video Astronomy

In 2014, RAG members became interested in a big way in using small relatively cheap video cameras to take pictures of the sky. These devices, costing around 100 can produce amazing pictures in either colour or black and white. The pictures are either taken as stills or as video that is then stacked in Registax software. Members of RAG have taken photos of galaxies showing spiral arms on tiny telescopes through double glazing using these setups! They are re-defining what can and can’t be done at an unbelievably small budget level. The first camera to really catch members’ attention was the Phil Dyer video camera. Andrew also has a Watec 120N camera.

Below - Andrew holds his Watec 120N video camera on the left, and on the right is a photo of his telescope wih the Watec attached. This then feeds into the laptop which is displaying an image of the Sun. Both pictures are from the RAG Science Day 18/4/15.

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