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Morning star & much improved nearest star


Roger Samworth

Couldn't sleep again.

This time, just before dawn, looking out of the window not only was there a beautiful view of Orion, but also Venus, so I had to try that. (Venus_Samworth_200915.jpg)

Not much to see, apart from the phase, but then again there never is.

A bit later on, I had given some thought to how to best set my Canon compact camera (that has manual over-rides) to get better images of the sun when held up to the eyepiece of the 80mm refractor on the window-sill. 

Here are the results. MUCH improved! (Sun_Samworth_200915.jpgSun detail_Samworth_200915.jpg)

Don't forget, these are white light images from inside the house, just manually holding the camera to the eyepiece. The camera is nothing fancy. It is just a 8 megapixel compact Canon SX100IS. The images are slightly enhanced with GIMP. As ever you can see SOHO's version at


Sun detail_Samworth_200915
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