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Venus & Mercury 6/1/15

Pete Hill


16:00 sun setting, clear skies, as forecast, Venus and mercury are photo target in twilight, get gear together and set off to favourite W ? SW viewing point.
16:30 set up tripod, Canon 450D with Sigma 150 - 500 zoom remote cable shutter release, image stabilisation off, manual focus.
Scan above horizon approx. 220 W, Venus visible  and mercury becomes visible below Venus with binoculars (7x50) at approx. 16:45, but twinkles in the murk, not stable till approx. 17:00
First Image  zoom at 150mm ISO 800, F18, 0.6"
Second image  zoom at 500mm ISO 800 F18, 1"
by 17:15 mercury was getting lost in the murk, mars was just becoming visible and by 17:30 mercury had set and venus was twinkling madly as it disappeared into the murk.
Get closer over the next few days, closest on sat 10th , but unlikely to be visible according to forecast for rest of week.
Encouraged by the clear sky and the hope that for once the forecast was correct set up Newtonian when I got home , but by 19:45 cloud was obscuring most of the sky, mainly high cirrus as forecast by metcheck (but not BBC or 7Timer, both forecast clear!!!) Moon was making it through, and stars visible through the odd gap, but not many gaps!! Packed away.
Pete H

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