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Venus and Jupiter 30/06/15

Peter Hill


Yesterday evening(30/6/2015) from 21:45 onwards Venus and Jupiter were within 0.3 deg of each other.

  1. Image 1 taken with canon 450D with Sigma 150 - 500 mm zoom lens, at 150 mm ISO1600, F22 0.25"exposure processed in P.S.6
  2. Image 2 as above  but zoomed in at 500 mm ISO 1600 F29 0.2" exposure processed in P.S.6. second image shows crescent phase of Venus.

The pair set very quickly and was unable to view through telescope as too low, second image also shows the encroaching cloud that stated to cover the sky after such a clear day. It blocked out Saturn as soon as it became visible and although not solid coverage of sky , gaps were variable and continually changing not much chance for observation.
Not only had Andy thrown the Nagler out of the eyepiece he'd also performed a "cloud dance" !!!

Pete H.

Compare Peter’s images with those taken by Roger Samworth of same conjunction on same night

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