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Veil Nebula 28/10/2015

Geoffrey Dryland


Getting close to correct collimation and focus with my scope. Just a shade more adjustment in both I think.

Managed to complete the image of the Veil Nebula last night (28/10/2015) with some Ha imaging before the moon came up and the visibility went down.

Veil nebula in Hubble palate:

The technical details are:

  • Ha = 5x5 minute subs
  • O3 = 12x5 minute subs
  • S2 = 14x5 minute subs
  • All on the Takahashi 180ED Epsilon @ f2.8.
  • Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker, Fits liberator, then adjusted in Photoshop 5.

Veil nebula in RGB:

Using the same data as before but process in a different order.

Totally different outcome. Remember this is "false colour" so the colours are not what you may think. S2 is used as "blue" but it is in fact in the red wavelength. To get closer I will have to reshoot the lot in RGB filters.

For the future - a possible new way to combine information from RGB filters to produce a different picture (not used in pictures here):

I have just seen a method new to me. Still using the narrowband filters, there is a software program called Pixinsite. They combine the filters like this:

R = 90% Ha + 10% O3

G = 90% O3 + 10% Ha

B = 100% O3

Don't ask me how, what or why as I haven't a clue. I don't have Pixinsite so I don't know how they do it.


Veil Nebula in Hubble Palate (below):

Geoffrey Dryland Veil Nebula Hubble Palate 281015

Veil Nebula in RGB (below):

Geoffrey Dryland Veil Nebula RGB 281015
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