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Images with various cameras


Pete Hill


Having restored my imaging laptop gave it a run out on Tuesday, during the Ganymede transit and its subsequent shadow transit (see earlier observing log)
Using the Philips Toucam I imaged Venus in its gibbous phase and then Jupiter and its moons and a close up of Jupiter using a x3 Barlow. The toucam has a 640 x 480 840Kpixel CCD chip and the imaging was controlled with K3CCd software (shareware).
I then used the celestron neximage camera, which uses same chip as the toucam, used K3CCd and WXastro to control imaging. I imaged Jupiter and its moons and a x3barlow close up , by this time Ganymede's shadow was visible.
Finally I used the celestron neximage5 camera a 5Megapixel cmos chip camera but just using the 604 x 480 setting, imaging is controlled via imaging source software supplied.  Didn't use x3 barlow as it is a step too far , x2 Barlow is best ( Geoff had borrowed mine).
The images speak for themselves, without any magnification Toucam and neximage will show Jupiter and moons but if all viewed Jupiter is blown out, images are composites of Jupiter only (lower exposure) and Jupiter and moons higher exposure, 1000 frame avi captured ( at 10fps), the stacked and processed in Registax 5 (or 5.1) The images are then composited in Photoshop.
With  x3 Barlow larger images of Jupiter produced , covering more pixels , better resolution / detail and some colour. Both Toucam and Neximage were used with AWB setting on, as colour balance settings are a bit crude.
Image six was taken with the Neximage5, with nearly 5 times as many pixels gives a far more detailed image, colour control in the software is a lot better as well, the moons of Io and Ganymede were taken in shot , not a composite, although not visible on screen at time .
The final image is of the GRS  on Wed night . I was hoping for a GRS transit, Callisto shadow transit, moon occlusion but the seeing was diabolical , grabbed this shot but image was in and out all the time and eventually gave up. Started off badly with electrical focuser not working, turns out it was a broken connection on the battery clip!!!!

Pete H.

Ganymedeshadtr15-04-07 22-55-24
GRS15-04-08 21-16-43
jupandmoons complabN
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