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Using GIMP Software for image processing


The GIMP is an alternative to Photoshop which is available free of charge to download. It offers a powerful range of processing options similar to those available in the commercial options, but is often neglected in astronomy magazines and books - and hence there is a shortage of authorative information on how to use it to process astronomical images.

The links below will take you to pages with information on how to process images of the night sky and other astronomical themes using GIMP software. For examples of astro-images processed using GIMP, see the pictures on Roger Samworth’s pages on this site.

In links below, PD camera refers to the Phil Dyer astro-modified video camera.

[How to process video files with Registax & GIMP Roger Samworth 3/2/2015]
[Processing PD video camera images: GIMP rotation/despeckling Roger Samworth 12/7/2015]
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