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Sunspot 2403


Peter Hill


Roger has already posted some images of this sunspot taken in white light(using Baader solar film filter) , I'd taken some images the day before ,26th Aug, in Hydrogen alpha using Coronado PST and DMK41 mono ccd camera.
The wed was the first decent view of sun since this large sunspot had appeared and unfortunately was past its best as it approached the limb of the sun.
The images are composites of disk and prominence images, the camera was running at 15 fps with exposures of the order of 1/3000" for the disk and  1/50" for prominences, conditions were very variable.  600 frame videos were taken and stacked in Auto Stakkert, wavelets tweaked in Registax 6 and image combination tweaking and colourising done in P.Shop CS6
Image .1  full disk with two main prominences visible, sunspot 2403 towards top. Camera only
Image .2  Top prominence and 2403 using x2 barlow.
Image.3 Bottom prominence x2barlow
Image .4 lose up of 2403 using x3 barlow. banding in image is interference bands caused by the interaction between Barlow lens surface and blocking filter in PST.

Pete H.

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