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Sunny Barton


Pete Hill


Had a quick look at the sun on saturday to see what was going on with the PST, noticed several prominences so decided to spend some time trying to image them, by the time I'd set up the cloud decided to bubble up, frustrating for a while then it cleared.
SolarDisk Halpha shows the main sunspot groups and prominences, the main sunspot group visible is AR2422, the one in Rogers image from St Ives, have included the graphic from to help orientate and identify other sunspots.
Image is composite of surface features and prominences taken with a DMK41 mono CCD camera at 15 fps, best 100 images stacked in AutoStakkert, wavelets processed in Registax6 and combined and colourised in PS 6.
Close ups of sunspots and prominences to follow.
Pete Hill

SolarDiskHalpha Pete Hill 260915
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