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Solar Photos 14 April 2015

Ed Mann


HI Folks,

I’ve also been out and about, making the most of the sunshine.

I’ve finally figured out good ways of connecting my 80mm refractor via Daystar Quark Ha eyepiece into my EOS450D and my ‘experimental’ webcam. I’m still on a very steep learning curve with the Quark settings, along with most of the Quark community it seems.

I have the opposite problem to Pete, in that I’m using an 80mm scope and I’m struggling to get the image small enough to see full disc. The EOS is just using a 1.25” nose, and the webcam is using a 1.25” nose with a 0.5x focal reducer

Anyway, here are a couple of initial pics (small JPGs only), one taken with my webcam, and the other with my EOS. The settings still aren’t optimised but I’m getting there. Some nice prominences showing (and yes, it IS a couple of small fibres to top left and centre right in the EOS pic J)

Today is Round 2 to improve the views. The original TIFs and movies show more detail



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