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Solar Photo 14 April 2015

Pete Hill

Made the most of the clear conditions to grab the PST and have a look at the new sunspot that has emerged.
Just mounted PST on Velbron tripod, big sunspot group with faculae (bright patches), granulation on surface as well as filaments. Prominences also prominent.
Took opportunity to try out suggested method of imaging using Baader Hyperion Zoom and DLSR connected with T-ring and M43/T2 adapter. Have tried imaging with DLSR before with T-ring and nosepiece but problems with newtons rings  (interference effects) . Surprisingly, viewing thro' zoom was very good and was able to image with the DLSR up to 16 mm setting , after this Newtons rings became a problem again.
Have attached Image taken with canon 450D with T-ring and M43 /t2 adapter attached to Baader hyperion Zoom , 20mm setting, ISO 100, 1/250",AWB , mirror lock with remote cable shutter release.shot in Raw and processed in Photoshop.6 Not bad for first attempt, have other images , including some in mono, will post more when processed.
Have rotated image to right way up.

Pete H

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