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Solar Activity 03/05/2014

Peter Hill


After my marathon observing / imaging session of last friday /saturday it's taken a while to process everything, here's the solar images.


1. shows the Sunspots on the Sun with N up and sun untilted. Have included this to identify sunspots on images.

2. Sun with spots shot in RAW and tweaked in Digital photo-professional. Canon 450d Sigma  180 - 500mm Zoom Baader 3.5ND solar filter (homemade), ISO 100, 1/4000" F6.3. Image rotated to match Spaceweather orientation.

3. The sun is actually tilted on its axis , by how much depends on the date, time and position and also viewing instrument. this explains it in more detail and you can download a program to get correct orientation and graphic to apply to your images. The sunspot location image shows the orientation of sun applied to original camera image. Most of the sunspots are very close to equator, as expected as we are now very late into the current sunspot cycle.

4.Close up of spots , neximage5  1000frames stacked and wavelets in Registax6, herschel wedge on 120mm evostar on HEQ5pro.

5.. 6 close up of spots, as for 4 with x2barlow and only 600 frames each.

7. Neximage with x0.63 focal reducer on Coronado PST piggy backed on evostar. Shows position of prominences, lot of vapour trails drifting across sky and past noon lots of atmospherics disrupting seeing. 600 frames stacking and wavelets in Registax.6

8.  as 7 with x2barlow detail of large prominence. Seeing quite disrupted , image doesn't do justice to complexity of flare evident visually.

9. small prominence near bottom of sun, granulation caused by convection cells shows up nicely. same set up as 8.

Needed to make an earlier start with this to reduce amount of atmospheric turbulence, but was a good opportunity to get my "eye" in again, only problem is when will the weather be as kind again???

Next time I'm going to try my DSLR on the PST, with the camera connected to the Hyperion Zoom eyepiece, this gets round the lack of back focus issue with the PST.

On a completely different tack this is worth a look at modelling of the development of the universe by computer , with the introduction of Dark matter in the mix.


Pete H.



closeupspots 030514







spweath 030514







sunspotlocation 030514


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