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SH2-264 and SH2-284


Geoffrey Dryland


First of the New Year images. SH2-264 is a big but dim nebula in Orion. It is called Orion's Head or the Angel Fish. It is 8 degrees wide (about 16 full moons), so this is only the top corner of it. I took real care over the focus (about 1 hour), and guess what? The double spikes and the ghost image all disappear.

This is 18x10min images in Ha with the Atik 4021 camera.

On to Monoceros. Just below the Rosette Nebula is another nebula some people call the Little Rosette... SH2-284. This is also a dim nebula but not as big as the Rosette so I can get the lot in the image. The only details I can find on this are that it lies some 13,000 light years away on the end of one of the spiral arms of our galaxy. In the centre is an open cluster Do25 which has formed from the dust of the nebula just 1.5 million years ago.(The Sun is 4.6 BILLION years old). The nebula has what are now termed "Elephant Trunks" similar to those found in the Eagle Nebula (the pillars of creation). The ones in this nebula are estimated to be 7 light years long!

This was 25x5min images of Ha again with thw Atik 4021 camera.




B30 170116


sh2-284 170116
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