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Saturn and others


Roger Samworth


Managed to observe Saturn for the first time this apparition last night. Being so low down in Libra, the seeing was pretty poor, but I had a go at imaging it anyway. The final result wasn’t too bad in the circumstances though. The Cassini division is pretty plain to see, and is that the Encke gap I can see also?

I thought I would then bump up the exposure to see what moons I could see. There are 4 of them in the image, which is a composite of 2 exposures, since the planet itself gets highly over-exposed doing this sort of thing.

Since the moon was up and it was also summer twilight, faint fuzzies weren’t really possible, but I had a go at a couple of bright ones. M92 is the “other” globular cluster in Hercules, and NGC 6210 is a small planetary nebula also in Hercules.


Sat moons
Sat moons b
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