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Roger Samworth


Yes, I know it is just a fuzzy blob, but , after a certain amount of leg pulling at the last meeting (!) - -

  • It WAS 4 AM last night, (couldn't sleep)
  • Saturn WAS very low.
  • It WAS from the window-sill.
  • It WAS through the double glazing.


I have bought a new 'scope, for window-sills and taking away on holidays without anyone noticing.

It is a Skywatcher 80mm f/5 refractor on a single-axis driven EQ1 table-top (= window-sill) mount.

As it is only 400mm focal length, it certainly wasn't intended for this sort of thing (high magnification), but as it was its first light, and I eventually figured out that the "star" I could see was Saturn, I couldn't resist it.

So it was the PD camera on the scope in movie mode with a home-made X2 barlow made from an old 35mm camera teleconverter, and then the best frames stacked and processed in Registax.

Incidentally, if anyone is interested, old 35mm camera teleconverters make ideal barlows. They are usually 4 element designs and are optimised for wide angles for 35mm cameras.

Anyway, since my window-sill is now operational, watch this space - - -!




Saturn 010315
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