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Rupes Recta


Roger Samworth


Its clear outside!

Trouble is, I am a bit busy tonight,- and the moon is in the way for DSO observing. Maybe try (much) later.

I did manage a few minutes from the window-sill observatory before I got caught though.

I have always wanted (but never managed) to observe the Rupes Recta ("straight wall") but the light has to be just right. It is also a bit of a challenge with a short focal length refractor and a 640X480 camera through the window!

Anyway, the light wasn't perfect tonight, but it WAS there! Fairly distinct too.

Hopefully it will still be clear in 2 or 3 hours time.



Incidentally, with the image of the Rupes Recta I posted the other day (above), I forgot to flip it vertically so it is vertically transposed. I have attached a fixed one (below):

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