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PD and GIMP amusements

Roger Samworth



Getting frustrated with all this rain/cloud/wind.

One advantage of digital astronomy is that you can revisit old images. I always keep all the raw data so old stuff can be reprocessed as the fancy takes you.

I discovered this fantastic (and free!) plug-in for GIMP:

It contains a really good noise reducing routine, and also includes a whole raft of deconvolution/sharpening routines - including the popular Lucy-Richardson method.

So, I re-visited my PD data of some of my favourite DSOs, and processed them using the new plug-in (and a bit of newly learned expertise). The results are attached, together with the original ones I did for comparison.


Object                                                           Image re-processed using new plug-in for GIMP                                                                                                            Original image


M42new Samworth121115 071215


M45new 081015 pleiades 071215


M82new Samworth160715 071215


M97new Samworth220315 owl 071215


M104new Samworth130415 sombrero 071215


NGC2239new Samworth121115 rosette 071215
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M42old Samworth121115 071215
M45old 081015 pleiades 071215
M82old Samworth160715 071215
M97old Samworth220315 owl 071215
M104old Samworth130415 sombrero 071215
NGC2239old Samworth121115 rosette 071215