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Pleiades again

Roger Samworth



Was suffering from insomnia again last night, but gazing out of the window, I saw clear patches in between the clouds, so I decided to have another go at the Pleiades with the PD and the 50mm lens as a bit of distraction therapy.

The clear patches were clearer than on the last occasion I did this. On the other hand, this image was from inside through the double glazing. I shortened the exposure ("senseup") a bit and processed the result to remove the background glow and to try to emphasise the nebulosity.

I know it is risky attempting such a popular target in the presence of our resident imaging geniuses, but at least this demonstrates what CAN (and cannot!) be done with a 100 quid camera and a 25 quid lens (unguided)! 

Not even with a telescope - - - -


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