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Photos taken with PD camera 9-10/7/2015

Roger Samworth

New season PD imaging


Weather forecast set fair last night (9-10/7/2015), and the moon was out of the way. So dusted down the 'scope and the PD for the new season's imaging. 

Needless to say, this was like a rain dance and the cloud god called up the cloud cover.

However, a bit later a gap in the cloud appeared, so I quickly grabbed the PD camera and a photo tripod and decided to do some non-scope unguided wide-angle imaging with the 50 mm f/1.4 lens.

This fooled the cloud-god for a short while, but he (she) soon rumbled what I was up to and he (she) recalled the cloud cover.

Nevertheless, I did get some pics, and rather a nice atmospheric shot of the double cluster including the cloud!

Cygnus was near the zenith, so got an image if the North America nebula that also shows some of the Pelican nebula next door this time.

The "coathanger" cluster was also quite a nice easy target.

M31 in Andromeda  was immersed in the Leicester glow, and should get a better image in the autumn.

The Perseus double cluster was a stack of 10 or so frames, but I have also attached one of the single frames with it peeping around the clouds, as I thought it made quite a nice picture.



NGC 7000/C14 (below):

ngc 7000-c14

Coll 399 (Coathanger/Brocchi’s cluster, below):

Coll 399 coathanger

M31 (Andromeda Galaxy, below):


NGC869-884 with clouds (Perseus Double Cluster, below):

ngc869-884 with clouds

NGC869-884 once clouds largely cleared (Perseus Double Cluster, below):

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