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Photos 8/8/2015 using PD video camera

Roger Samworth


Decided to revisit a couple of old friends - M57 and M27. I imaged these a year ago when I had just got the PD. Now I am a bit more skilled with it, and with GIMP, I thought I would have another go. The results are below.

I then had a look at Neptune, just for the sake of it. I was quite taken aback to be able to see Triton with the PD video camera. Didn't believe it at first, but confirmed it with Stellarium. You are supposed to be able to see it with larger scopes, maybe I will have a look when I get the 12" dob out again.

Rounded off the session with a couple of galaxies.

NGC 2403 was a bit low and in the Leicester sky murk. Will try again when it is a bit higher.



m27 09-08-15
m57 08-08-15
neptune 09-08-15
ngc2403 09-08-15
ngc6503 09-08-2015
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