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Wobbly (woobly?!) Seeing


Roger Samworth


Despite Andy's report on Saturday night in which he and Damian experienced excellent seeing conditions in Lichfield, the seeing from my garden was appalling for some reason! (see observing log website for Andy’s report)

My images of Saturn and Jupiter are simply not worth posting, and the one of Mars, barely so.

You can just about make out the features I had labelled up the other day.

Nebulae were also a dead loss, so I fell back on globulars, which are always reasonable even if the sky doesn't get quite dark.

M14 is quite a big one.

NGC 6229 is small and fairly obscure (Andy and Damian also observed this one), but it was nicely resolved into stars on the image.

In the circumstances at this time of year, you can always fall back on the Solar scope. There has been quite a nice view of spot 2548 sandwiched between 2 prominences. The composite image shows how it changed over a few hours.

I also tried to image M51 on the night of the wobbly (woobly!) seeing, but didn't post it because I wasn't happy with the processing. However, being more selective about the stacked frames, and with a bit of trial and error in GIMP, I ended up with something not too bad. I suspect it isn't really any better than the one I posted some time ago, but here it is anyway.



Spot 2548_Samworth_290516
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