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Philips PCVC740K ToUcam PRO PC Video Camera

The Philips PCVC740K ToUcam PRO PC video camera is a small 640x480 color camera designed to used with a computer with an USB interface. The PCVC740K ToUcam PRO has a 1 lux illumination sensitivity which makes it a good camera for bright planets, Moon and Sun. The PCVC740K ToUcam PRO was originally operated with Philips VRecord software that controls the camera and saves images in an AVI video file.

The PCVC740K ToUcam PRO was replaced by PCVC840K ToUcam PRO II and later by the SPC900. Modified versions were produced by companies such as Astronomiser that allowed long exposure images up to 60 mins.

In spite of the revolution in astro-imaging hardware, the Toucam still delivers excellent results. Examples are seen below of pictures from Mars, together with photos of the cameras themselves.

Click here for information on installing drivers for the Toucam on Windows 7 operating system

[Toucam and Windows 7]

Toucam Pro II (left)

SPC 900 (below)

Astronomiser modified SPC900

Astronomiser-modified SPC 900 for long exposure (controlled by parallel port) (above)

Photos of Mars taken with Toucam (below)

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