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Phil Dyer Video Camera

Roger Samworth


I always wanted to look through a telescope and see those wonderful images of planets, spiral galaxies, nebulae etc etc – didn’t we all? It doesn’t happen, of course. The main problem from light polluted skies is contrast. Increasing aperture (I am now up to 12”!) doesn’t help much as it makes everything brighter and does not improve contrast. You can take long exposure photos, and I really admire the people that have the technology, patience and determination to integrate hours of exposure to produce the brilliant images that we can all see. Unfortunately, I do not possess any of the above mentioned traits – I am much more down the instant gratification end of the spectrum. I have toyed with various things such as image enhancers etc, without a lot of success.

Then I discovered the PD Colour Video Camera!

Click on links below to find out more about the PD camera. You can also click here to download a manual package for the camera developed by the RAG group - containing relevant and helpful documents drawn from a range of sources.

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