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PD images of M42 in Refractor & Newtonian 15/2/2015

Peter Hill


At beginning of feb with clear skies , for some of the time, tried imaging M42 with PD camera with 120mm Evostar refractor and 200mm Newtonian. With all the excitement of Astrofest have only just finished sorting them out.

  • Sun 1st Feb, Refractor with camera on sense up x8 snapshot, shows chromatic aberration around bright stars.
  • Sun 1st Feb, Refractor same setting 20s vid , some 500 frames stacked in Registax without applying wavelets, then processed in PS.6
  • Tues 3rd, Newtonian with camera on sense up x 8, snapshot, note lack of chromatic aberration.
  • Tues 3rd. Newtonian same settings, 20s vid , some 500 frames stacked in Registax 6 without applying wavelets, processed in PS.6
  • Last image is snapshot of Lovejoy on Tues 3rd as it passed by Almaak in Andromeda, easy to find with Telrad on Almaak, Lovejoy was in the field of view of finder so just tweaked controls to put it in eyepiece. Still a fuzzy blob no hint of tail.
  • Forecast suggests some clear nights or part nights in early part of week, might get the chance to try out the Canon on the iOptron Startracker.

Clear skies
Pete H.


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