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NGC 7331 & the Deer-Lick group


Roger Samworth


One of the nice things about "digital" astronomy is that as long as you keep the raw data, you can play with image processing when you are clouded out. 

Being frustrated by all the cloud recently, with little prospect of an improvement until the moon spoils the fun, I re-visited a set of images I did of NGC 7331 with the PD last year, and re-processed them.

Here is the result. An improvement over the previously processed image, I think.

An interesting comparison, or, how things have changed - - -

After I just posted my image of NGC7331, I was thumbing through my cherished copies of "Burnham's Celestial Handbook" and came across the attached photo.

OK, so mine isn't quite as good! However, if you look at the caption, I now have my eye on my next telescope - - -!



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