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North America Nebula NGC7000




A quick process of some limited data:

Only 7x 600sec sub exposures through a Baader 7.5 Nm Hydrogen Alpha filter Taken at a focally reduced 385mm f/3.6 on the FSQ106-ED Calibrated (Flat & Dark Frames) in Nebulosity 3.3 Quick process in Photoshop CS5

Includes the bright star 62Xi Cyg on the lower left (with annoying halo - due to internal reflections between the filter, reducer and rear corrector), the Skull Nebula (middle right) and just part (beak and head) of The Pelican IC5070 on the far right!

Some nice detail in the area known as 'The Cygnus Wall' that runs down off the bottow middle of the frame.



Download full resolution version of image below

NGC7000 and friends in Ha 7x 600sec 130715
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