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NGC 7662 again

Roger Samworth



I never fail to be surprised as to how things have changed in, what to me at least, seems a very short time.

Having acquired a rather hurried image of NGC 7662 last night and posted it today, I was fascinated by its structure and central star.I did a bit of research and dug out my cherished copy of "Burnham's Celestial Handbook", wherein I found the attached photo, made I presume, in the pre-CCD age.

It was taken with a 42" reflector - - -

My hurried 1 minute or so exposure  with an 8" and PD is attached also for reference.

I note that Nick also observed it too in his last post.

I also note that the drawing in Burnham was made with the 40" Yerkes refractor.  Are you going to get one of these Nick?!

Incidentally NGC 7662 (=C22) is in Andromeda, not Pegasus as I reported earlier.




Below is picture from Burnham’s celestial handbook for comparison:

burnham 7662
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