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NGC 1501


Roger Samworth


Photos of NGC 1501 using 8” f/10 SCT + focal reducer + PD video camera

Managed to do a bit of observing last night before getting clouded out.The moon interfered too, so not much imaging.

However, got quite nice image of NGC 1501 with the SCT both with and without the focal reducer.

Also observed and imaged Uranus, although the image just looks like a blue-green blob, so I haven't posted it.

Went out last night as it seemed to be going to be cloudy for the rest of the week. Forecast for tonight is now good, though - - - 


Editor’s comment: NGC 1501 is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Camelopardalis (the camel). William Herschel discovered it in 1787. Roger has shown clearly the central star – this is magnitude 14.5 and demonstrates how effective photography has been – pulling out a star which would be very difficult to observe visually in our local skies even with a 20” scope!

Photos of NGC 1501 below:

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