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North American Nebula NGC7000 with PD camera and 50mm F1.4 camera lens


Roger Samworth


So, last night at 01:30 (27/4/15), I was having one of my "unable to sleep" episodes, and while pacing about, I looked through the patio door & could see Cygnus coming up, although that direction is plagued with skyglow from the Leicester/Loughborough area. As a diversion, I got out the PD camera, attached it to my new 50mm f/1.4 lens and pointed it toward the location of the North America nebula - without much hope. A "senseup" of 256 was all it would tolerate (a 5-sec exposure), so I took 15 of those and stacked them. (A total of 75 sec)

Unsurprisingly, I couldn't see anything on the image.

Anyway, tonight, before discarding the image, I looked again. Was there just a hint of something? I got to work on the image with GIMP and the result is attached. 

Voila! Not wonderful, but it is certainly there. 

That is Deneb in the top right hand corner, and the image is oriented as you would see it with the naked eye.



(I) Initial image taken with PD camera:

NGC7000 270415 Image I

(II) In picture below, I have outlined the nebula to make it clearer. (III) I have also included a comparison photo by another photographer from and (IV) a further copy of my original photo with the brightness/contrast changed a bit. You get different impressions depending on what screen you view it.



Outline of NAM drawn on original PD NGC7000 photo 270415


Comparison photo of NGC7000 from Pyxis


NGC7000 photo with PD camera with brightness & contrast changes 270415
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