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Window-sill PD images

NGC2264 NGC2239 M42


Roger Samworth


The clouds cleared quite late last night, so I lacked the determination to get dressed and go outside, so I resorted to the window-sill instead. (“The best telescope is one you use the most”).

Here, therefore,  are  3 images with the 80mm refractor  and the PD through the window.

I had never been able to image (or find, from the window-sill!) the Christmas tree cluster before!

The Satellite cluster is embedded in the Rosette nebula, which is, in fact, quite large. I had to work GIMP quite hard to bring out the nebula.

I couldn’t resist having another go at the Orion nebula(s).This one is a composite of 4 different exposures to avoid washing out the bright central section while keeping the outer detail. Not brilliant, but not too bad given it is through the double glazing!

I think I will try a multiple exposure composite on the Rosette when I next get a chance.



M42 _Samworth_111215
NGC2239 rosette_Samworth_121115
NGC2264 Xmastree_Samworth_121115
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