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PD images for the new year


Roger Samworth


We were not doing anything specific for the New Year, and miraculously, it was clear! (if a bit hazy), so I went outside.

I rather fancied having a go at the Horsehead nebula from outside with the SCT and UHC filter, but by the time I got set up the moon was up and the haze had increased. Nevertheless, I pointed the scope at the nebula and took 10 frames with a "Senseup" of 1024. That gives a total exposure of 200 seconds. Initial reaction looking at the raw frames was not optimistic. However, after some work with GIMP, the attached image emerged. Not brilliant, but not bad for 200 seconds with a 100 camera.

I then moved over to the "37" cluster, as there was not much point in DSO hunting with the moon up.

Finally, a seasonal theme with M103, the "other" Christmas tree cluster. The tree shape is more evident on images with the fainter stars suppressed, so that is what the other images show.

Happy New Year all!


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