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New Telescope

Ken Critchon



Ken has just bought himself a new scope!

12/2/2016 - Ken said: “Thanks just let me know when it suits you , we can also do it during the day . Looking like a choice between celestron pro , mesu 200 and paramount . Did anyone commit to the scout presentation ? Would have done it myself but Josi wanted me to spend time with Oscar”

15/2/2016 - Ken after he had just purchased the new beasty: “Might need a hand or possibly a crane just ordered this monolith

.......A Celestron CGE Pro 1100 HD - Wow! Double Wow! Part of the review on this scope from the BBC Sky at Night magazine’s website can be seen below.......

BBC S@N on Celestron CGE Pro 1100 HD

17/2/2016 - When asked if he had opened the boxes, Ken said: “Yea I've opened them but just putting Oscar to bed so not had chance to put it together . It's very imposing !!! It seriously makes my scope in the Observatory look like a toy telescope.”

17/2/2016 - And when asked what his wife thought of the new purchase: “Well she wasn't happy at first but she wants a new car this year so that gave me some bargaining chips .”

Ken Critchon boxes of his new scope delivered 170216
Scope out of box 180216
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