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Thanks Damian & Ed

New Scope


Ken Critchon


Firstly want to say a big thank you to Damian and Ed who have been fantastic with advice and help getting me started with the cge pro. As it happens setting up an eq mount is very different to setting up a wedge mounted scope. I know the principles are the same but one thing that got me was that the cpc on wedge points towards zero declination (forks point to polaris) and the cge scope points to polaris. Yes a learning curve and still a long way to go!!!

So Andy asked me to post a couple of pictures and here they are. Ive been banished to the study at the moment in our house as im waiting on the concrete in the observatory to set. Hoping to move the scope either tomorrow evening or Tuesday depending on weather. First picture is of the tripod which is a monster! i actually thought the 11" cpc in the background had a sturdy 2 half inch tripod but this just dwarfs it.

Second is the eq head which is 40kg so won’t be moving far! Lastly the scope setup as it will be when finished.

See you all next Friday


cge pro 210216
eq head 210216
tripod 210216
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