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Moon & Jupiter (Re-processing - version II)

Andy Mac 2/1/2015

This is a re-processing of Moon 2/1/2015 version I.

I tried reprocessing one of the moon pics as Julian suggested using less movement on the wavelet sliders and it has made an improvement although not eliminated it entirely. I have attached the latest effort. I also went out again last night when it was clearer and got some more shots of the moon and also of Jupiter as well as the sky was a lot clearer.


I have attached 2 more images, one of the moon from last night and one of Jupiter. The Jupiter image was taken at a reduced resolution of 640 x 480 as it cuts down on the video size and my laptop had run out of memory meaning that 5 videos I had taken were not actually saved. I doubled the size of the image in Photoshop. The camera's full resolution is 1280 x 1024 and makes a 30sec video take up over1gb. The moon image has quite a lot of pixelation but the higher wavelet settings do improve the sharpness of the image and I have not found a cure for this on the internet yet. The Jupiter image does not show any of these artefacts probably due to the size of the area interest being so small. It is the best image of Jupiter I have taken and probably will be until I try with my newtonian.


Andy Mac

jupiter_00010_double size
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