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Moon - 02/12/15

Andy Mac

Moon photo 1

Moon photo 2

Looked forward to the clear night predicted tonight so decided to check some of my gear out in the daytime. First job was to check why my finder on the Skywatcher was not in focus. Took a few minutes as it was so far out of focus I wasn't sure which way was correct when adjusting it. Anyway, finally sussed it out and put it back on the scope to align it properly.


The moon was rising so I decided to set my Skywatcher up on the EQ3-2 in my lounge and see if I could get any video with my QHY5 guide camera attached. I know I had got some a few years ago when I first bought the camera but had not tried any recently and had installed different software since then. After my views of Jupiter the other night I thought it would be good be good practice for later on when Jupiter was up. The view through the window was not too bad but the video did not seem very clear or sharp and I struggled to get what I thought was a decent exposure.


I recorded a few 30sec videos and downloaded Registax again to see what I could make of them. The results weren't brilliant and I decided to transfer the rig outside to see if I could get a clearer view. It did not make much difference but the main problem with this setup was the lack of drives on this mount so could not keep the moon in view without using the slow motion controls and everything shaking. I transferred the scope to my permanent mount on the decking and left it there while I had dinner. As soon as I finished dinner I went back out only to find it was really hazy and the only thing visible in the sky was a fuzzy moon, no stars at all. I decided to connect everything up anyway in case it cleared and I might be able to get something of the moon anyway. The images on screen were about the same as before but at least the view was stable and I would get more useable frames. I took about five videos and then went in for a cup of tea. When I went back out again it had clouded over so decided to pack away and process the results.


Considering there was virtually no detail on the screen whilst taking the video I managed to get a couple of reasonable images, one of the edge and one more full faced. They were processed in Registax 5 and then in Photoshop and both are attached. I am looking forward to some clearer nights with a less full moon and also a go at Jupiter.



                Andy Mac

Since this entry Andy has re-processed these images

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