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Peter Hill


With the moon dominating the sky at present, there's not much else to see, tried to locate Andromeda on sunday night with bright 13 day old gibbous moon couldn't locate it in bino's so decided to use evening on moon.

Skywatcher 120mm Evostar on HEQ5pro goto. PD video camera. 9:00pm

Guided skywatcher onto moon using finder, very bright nearly full, decide to image bottom SW quadrant, using PD video cam which had worked succesfully on M57 with the 8" Newtonian, will now see how it performs with refractor and bright object.

I imaged with just the camera , then with x2 barlow and x3 barlow. For those using a pd camera, besides the guide settings given, camera only,needed shutter speed 1/1000 s, x2 Barlow 1/250 s and x3 barlow 1/100 s. The camera operated ok with the diagonal in.

Moon1gm snapshot, Moon19gsm 19s video clip stacked in Registax and tweaked in Photshop.

Tycho is obvious with it's rays, caused by material ejected at impact. AboveTycho is Mare Nubium and to the left Mare Humorum. Top centre is Gassendi, sometimes described as a ring with a mounted pearl.

To the left is one of the moons largest craters, Shickard 230Km in diam., below to the right and in line with Tycho is the elongated Schiller crater, possibly caused by a very low angle impact .

With x 2 Barlow moon2gm  snapshot Moon23gm 23 s video stacked in Registax  tweaked in Photoshop. 

Top Mare Humorum with Gassendi.  To left and above Gassendi Crater Billy with smooth mare cover, the "arrow" shape above Billy is Mt. Hansteen. To the left of the "arrow" Hansteen crater with concentric ridges in contrast to Billys' smooth floor.

With x3 Barlow moon3gm snapshot moon14gm 14 sec video clip stacked in Registax , tweaked in photoshop.

Large crater in middle is Shickard. Bottom left of Shickard is Wargentin, crater is completely filled to brim with lava, which creased as it cooled forming the Y shape which is just discernible. Finished 11:30pm.

Tuesday was Full moon and with moon just past perigee in its orbit about earth another "supermoon" was expected , in this case a super Harvest moon. However the moon didn't show above the murk on the horizon above Burton till nearly 40 mins later than moonrise img_4330con ( Canon 450D 18 - 270 mm Tamron zoom at 50mm, ISO1600, 1/10s, F6.3) hand held as tripod is packed for trip, tweaked in Photoshop. Once clear of murk presented a nice image , img_4340con, (Canon 450D 18 - 27-mm Tamron zoom at 270 mm 1/13s,F6.3 ISO 1600) . again handheld.


Pete H

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