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Milky Way from Dorset


Andy Mac


Photo 1: Milky Way2 shop flat1.jpg

Photo 2: sag_Milky Way_shop_flat.jpg

These were  taken when I was camping in Swanage Dorset on 23/08/14. The one with the trees is a stacked image of 17 x 30 second frames with my Canon 5D and 24-105mm L lens at 24mm and f4.0.  ISO was set at 1250. It was stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and then processed further in CS6. The other image is higher in the sky and overlaps the first. This image is only 10 frames stacked.

I had to change a few settings in Deep Sky Stacker to enable the 17 frame image as it kept running out of memory. I took out the drizzle factor(not sure what it anyway) and used standard rather than mosaic mode in the stacking parameters.

I enjoyed the RAG meeting last Friday, with Paul Money presenting. I was interested in the image intensifier eyepiece Damian demonstrated (that he and Andy made), probably more as a night vision device than a telescope eyepiece.

I will try and find that image with the comet I took on holiday and send it to Andy to include on the website.

Andy Mac

Photo 1

milkyway2_shop_flat1 230814

Photo 2

sag_milkyway_high_shop_flat 230814
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