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3 planets (again) and other - - -

Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Moon


Roger Samworth


This morning the window-sill observatory window was misted up, so I went outside - - -!

A lot of high altitude cloud, but the planets were still visible. Pictures taken from a couple of locations in the garden.

At the last RAG, there was some discussion about lunar halos, and one was just visible this morning. You can also see Orion and Taurus as a bonus extra!

Zoomed in on the moon also while I was at it.

Finished up with a couple of "atmospheric" shots of Orion and the Plough.

All the pictures were taken with my Canon SX100IS Compact camera.


Jupiter, Venus and Mars (below - first photo labelled, second unlabelled):

3 planets 1_Samworth_311015
3 planets 1a_Samworth_311015

Mars, Venus, Jupiter again - different composition (below):

3 planets 2_Samworth_311015

Photos of Lunar Halo (below):

Lunar Halo 1_Samworth_311015
Lunar Halo 1a_Samworth_311015

Moon (below):


Constellation of Orion (below):

Orion_Samworth_311015 - Copy

Plough asterism in Ursa Major (below):

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