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M87 and its jet from 13/4/2015

re-processed 19/3/2016

Roger Samworth


After Damian's splendid presentation on Black Holes and Gravitational Waves including M87 and its jet last night 18/3/2016, and given the general sky gloom outside the window, I thought I would see if there was anything more I could tease out of the image of M87 and its jet I took last year.

After all, the fun of digital astronomy is that you can play with the images when you can't look through the telescope!

Anyway, here is the result. Not that much different to the original posted last year to be honest, but I have now labelled it up.

The nearest I could find on the www is also attached, but an 8" SCT + PD can't really compete with a 4m telescope!



m87 ngc4487_Samworth_from 13-04-15_190316 a
m87 ngc4487_Samworth_from 13-04-15_190316 b
m87 ngc4487_Samworth_from 13-04-15_190316 c
NOAO image
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