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Sketch of M5 and Comet Lovejoy

Nick Cox



Swadlincote 6.6.15 C6r.
Hope you get at least one of these through !
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So very bright, but clear and the seeing was up there with the best.
Saturn stabilised at x300. No Moon in sight , as it sits over the town lights. Saturn does look stunning ,almost three D , sitting in one ring and the other pole nestling against the rings.
Then a good look around, the a Summer Triangle rising and Cassiopeia getting higher in the north.
Very pleased to have caught some doubles. Including the white giant 5 Serpentis. Catch M5 on the edge of the FOV.
Also chuffed to have caught comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 hanging in on in Ursa Major. We've been lucky with light but fruitful nights under
Clear skies 


M5 & Comet Lovejoy 060615
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