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M57 with PD Video Camera

Pete Hill



At last a fine night, all the forecasts agreed.  Took the opportunity to try out recently purchased PD video camera, blame Nick!!!

3 star alignment on 8" F5 Newtonian, on HEQ5 pro mount.

Then aligned on Vega as my bright star to establish focus, double checked with Bahtinov mask, although the bars of the secondary produced enough of a diffraction pattern to aid focusing. The onto M57 used illuminated reticule to ensure M57 was in centre of fov, the popped in camera, refocussed to mark I'd made on eyepiece barrel, took a snapshot and a couple of .avi video clips which were then stacked in Registax 6

First is the single snap shot, second 180 frames stacked in Registax 6, last a stack of 125 frames.

Like most things a bit fiddly while getting used to it, but a couple of hours well spent getting to grips with the camera, was impressed with its relative ease of performance.

The forecast was supposed to be good for this morning (wed) alarm at 5, out to the fields only to see the crescent moon join the rapidly fading venus behind a blanket of  cloud ( moving Sw to NE which had already covered Jupiter)


Pete Hill


m57 200814
m572 200814
m57127 200814
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