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M42 with comparisons

Roger Samworth



In the January 2015 issue of "Sky at Night" there are a couple of interesting articles involving imaging M42.

One is "Astrophotography" with a DSLR and the other is a review of an iNOVA NNB-Cx colour CCD camera. Both articles have a similar image of M42.

I was then interested to compare these with what you can get from the much lower cost PD camera, so I went back to some imaging I did in October, and reprocessed them a bit more carefully.

These are attached. One is a shorter exposure to bring out the Trapezium, the other is a longer exposure that washes out the Trapezium but brings out more detail in the nebula.

You can compare the Trapezium one with the pictures on pages 60 and 100 in the magazine.

Unlike Damian, I'm just a learner at this image processing game - - -!


However, I figured out how to merge the 2 previous images in GIMP.



10-25-14 m42xbx2
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