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M42 Great Orion Nebula


Just about to go to bed last night at about 12 when I looked outside and saw it was clear and I could see Orion through the kitchen window. I tried a few hand held shots through the window just to see what might be picked up with a short exposure and decided it would be worth getting my tripod set up with my 400mm lens on my 5D. Tried a few 6 sec shots but there was too much trailing with it being still quite low. 


Decided on 2.5 secs at iso 1250 and took about 40 shots with about 6 shots at 3.2 secs thrown in as well. I took a few darks at 2.5 and 3.2 the noise at such a high ISO. I don't think the focus was bang on but I am quite pleased with the results after stacking in DSS and processing in Photoshop, especially with a still bright moon in the sky.


After I had finished I took a walk towards my decking to see what the view was like for my mount set up but realised straight away that the conifers by my pond blocked the lower sky where Orion was sitting. I had lopped 4 of the trees earlier in the year but there were still 2 growing at about 25-30 ft blocking the south eastern view. I managed to get one of them down today leaving the last one for later in the week or next weekend. Hopefully this will leave a clear view for when Orion gets a little higher a little earlier and with a new moon.


Had a look out tonight but decided to wait for a less bright moon and a night when I haven't got to get up at 5:45.



orion_m42_shop_flat 091114
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