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M42 & Geminid Meteor

Andy Mac



I also went outside last night during the Geminid Meteor Shower. I started early at around 9pm and saw 3 meteors in a couple of minutes when I first went out. I saw approaching 30 in all over the next 2-3 hours sometimes seeing 2 or 3 in only a few minutes. I was viewing mostly with the Pleiades in the center of my field of vision with several meteors going as far as the south western horizon. I was imaging the Pleiades and M42 so was not  concentrating full time on watching the meteors and did not have a wide field set up to capture them. I usually find that continuous 30 sec exposures with no interval is more likely to capture meteors. I saw one go right through Orion last night when I had just stopped imaging for a minute to adjust a setting!


I did manage to capture one very short trail heading towards M42 in one of my frames (see attached pic). It was unfortunately on one of the frames where the focus was not bang on but not too bad. That is probably the only advantage of having the moon up when your imaging with an older SLR without Live View, you can use it to set your focus on.


I have also attached a couple of other images, one of M45 taken last night showing a bit of the blue nebulosity, and a jpg of 4 shots of M42 taken over the last 2 or 3 weeks showing more detail as the exposure increases and the moon disappears. The earliest image starts in the top right and gets better as you move anticlockwise around the page.



            Andy Mac 


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