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M42/Flame Nebula/M45 Photos

Andy Mac



On the 28th I decided to try my Canon 5d with my Skywatcher Evo 120mm with a guiding setup. I have recently made a very cheap modification to my guiding setup, an extended dew shield made from two toilet roll tubes. One did not quite have a wide enough diameter to fit my mini guide scope so I had to cut two length ways and sellotape them together. This has worked a treat and I am getting no dewing over a 2 or 3 hour session at the moment. This also seems to have eliminated all the problems I had been getting with my guiding recently and I am now getting 10 min subs with no ruined ones at all. Checking my log files from PHD shows a nice steady graph and I can also see the 10min period error of my mount which is being dealt with successfully.


My first target of the night was M45 the pleiades and with this setup in the image attached you can see I have captured some of the nebulosity in the cluster although I haven't got the whole cluster in view. The other thing you will notice is the very severe vignetting caused by the full frame of the 5d which I have not managed to remove in processing even with a few flat frames taken. Nice round stars though although they were surrounded by quite a significant blue halo due to the non Apo glass, shame I wasn't using your Equinox Andy!

I have also presented M42 photos.



M45 below:


Flame nebula below:


M42 below:


M42 with dark frames below:

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