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M13 Full frame test


Ken Critchon

Hi all,

I thought id share this simple pre processed photo with you of m13 (no stacking or photoshop). It was taken a few weeks ago and it was part of a test on the edge optics with a full frame canon 6d. As you can see vignetting is acceptable for a large sensor and i was actually pleased, considering celestrons claims of being able to manage full frame sensors is clearly not 100% true. I would think with flat frames the the issue would be easily overcome ??? Off axis coma and for the main part field curvature which is so often apparent in sct's is also very good!

I have quite a few different tests which i will be sharing with everyone in march when I'm doing a presentation on optical errors and imaging with edgehd.

See you all next friday!

Cheers ken

M13 111115
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