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Leo Triplet Galaxies


Roger Samworth


Sounds like you all had a great time on Saturday (18/4/15 RAG Science Event) - sorry I couldn't be there!

I did get back home in time to do half an hour observing before the clouds rolled over though.

You might have gathered from previous posts that I have a bit of a thing about the Leo triplet, so I thought I would try to image it again. The previous image through the window was OK as far as it goes, but - - -!

This image is much better as it from outside, but still with the new Skywatcher 80mm refractor. I had to use a focal reducer to get the whole of the triplet, and that is not ideal with such a short focal length refractor.

I am intrigued with the form of NGC3628. You can see the outer halo and there is a hint of the dust lane.

If I get the chance, I must re-visit this one with the SCT.


Leo Triplet 190415
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