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Leo Triplet 12/4/2015
Roger Samworth

Here is a fable that might be of interest.

Years ago I bought one of Philips Observers Handbooks titled "Astronomy from Towns and Suburbs" by Robin Scagell. If it is still in print, it is an excellent book. My edition is dated 1997,but might be a bit out of date in certain aspects. Read on!

When I sent the photo of the Leo triplet the other day, I mentioned that one of my ambitions was to observe all 3 galaxies. I have attached a photo from Mr Scagell's book that inspired me and got me hooked on DSOs.

The caption makes interesting reading, as does comparison with my photo. I am sure Mr Scagell would never have anticipated what would be possible with a couple of minutes total exposure with an 80mm refractor from an indoor window-sill near Leicester!

I have also attached (below) a further reprocess of my photo. It might be better than the original or it might not - I am a bit colour blind in the reds, so its difficult for me to tell.



Leo tripletb
triplet photo
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