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Jupiter transits 24/1/2015

Andy Mac


Thanks to Nick for clearing up a mystery. I too went out to see the transits and thought I would try and get some pictures of the event as well. I had googled the event to check the times and set up my skywatcher evo 120mm and got Jupiter in view with my 8mm eyepiece. Was a little surprised that I couldn't see any shadows and debated putting the 2x Barlow into use but decided to set up my QHY5 to see if it could pick the shadows up.

I took about ten short videos, limited to the short time it took Jupiter to cross the screen with no tracking when there should have been 2 shadows in evidence. After processing in Registax I could still not see any shadows and thought the set up was just not good enough. and did not bother trying to see the third shadow.

After I had read Nick's report and looked at his sketches I was a little disappointed that he had seen them so easily. As I shut the sketches down something had just stuck in my head that didn't seem right. I reopened the image and there it was, the times on the sketches were early am, I had been watching late evening, no wonder I had seen nothing. I checked the website again and realised that it was an American site and was giving the times for the other side of the Atlantic and not UT. Oh well only another 17 years to wait!!

Still the images I did get weren't too bad, slighly more detail than my last ones, and I have attached one of them (click on link - and also reproduced below).


            Andy Mac


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